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Anonymous sent: omg have i told you guys that you're awesome and i love you

(( u///u thank you! we very much appreciate it <3333 ;////;

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[[ guys Marco Mun made a Marco rp blog thats v active so please rp with me hahHHAHHAH

ill putthe link riiiiight


so yeah gogogogoog pls

also we will be acrtive once more once both Jeanmun and Marcomun get new wigs! we need them bad so

temporary hiatus until then!

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peptalkrobodt sent: Gay

Jean, Sasha, and Marco are online ;)))))

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fuseboxes sent: hOLY SHIT MARCO MUN YOUR HAIR IS FAB and ilu both

(( ahhhhhHHHH THANK ;////////; we love you too bby eeeeep <333 u////u

Happy 900 followers from hte muns because holy moly 900 followers wOW WE LOVE YOU

Happy Valentines Day Guys!

I got you two a rose!

we got you a teddy bear! =D

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Cop Marco and Bad Boy Jean AU

My half of a collab with koshi :>

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gay update: still gay

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